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The Philippine made Nzonic V3 mod has a beautiful design that includes the Philippine sun on the top and a Swarovski crystal on the bottom.  Beyond the craftsmanship of the vape, you will find a kick ass mod that has tons of power!  While the Nzonic is elegant and refined it will create clouds bigger then your friends mod every time! (if the build is right haha)

The kit will include a 18650+ Extensive Sleeve in addition to the unit. The current design can handle under the following set up.

1. 18350 Configuration
2. 18350 + Kick Configuration
3. 18490/18500 Configuration

With 18650+ Extension Sleeve
4. 18650 Configuration
5. 18650 + Kick Configuration


1. Sun Juice Well
2. Top Side 1 Gas Vent Hole.
3. Bottom Side 3 Gas Vent Hole
4. Magnetic Firing Switch
5. Mechanical Locking Mechanism.
6. Chameleon Telescope
7. Pin Stripe for Gripping
8. Accommodate 4 type 18XXX Series Battery
9. Swarovski Blue Crystal
10. Floating Positive Center Pin (0.5 mm Clearance)
11. 99.99% Copper Positive Center Pin
12. 99.99% Copper Negative Contact
13. 18650+ Extension Sleeve for 18650 or 18650 + Kick.
14. Native 510 Connection 
15. Delrin Insulator inside Topcap and Negative Contact.

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